David brought me two trays of french marigolds. Nine in each tray, that’s eighteen in all. Now the shop smells green and orange and fecund. Maybe the wooden stools will begin to sprout fresh green shoots. Perhaps the legs of tables will take root. In return I am to mend his jacket. It is already shabby and stained and the colour of mushroom gills. I will mend each pocket where his thin fingers and sharp keys have worn the fabric bald until it gave way. Have you a sewing machine he asked me. I have one but this job is tiny and besides it is a job for fingers and patching and thinking. I like to sew when it entails repair. It feels like salvage. Make do and mend should be my motto.





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4 Responses to “seamstress”

  1. ellie said

    I like darning. It’s a specific kind of mending that doesn’t require too much skill. I like it because I too like the feeling of salvaging, but I haven’t got too much skill, so darning does me good.

    I like marigolds.

  2. isabelle said

    hey ellie, I’m the same , no real skill but mending stuff feels good to do.
    ( I’ve planted the marigolds next to my beans and lettuce, it’s supposed to keep pests away )

  3. madhaiku said

    I can sew on buttons. Does that count?

  4. isabelle said

    hello mad, yes , sewing on buttons definitely counts xx

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